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New life with Somavedic Green Ultra - Ruth

Within one hour when I got my Somavedic and plugged it into electricity I noticed my stuffy nose cleared. The air in the room improved very much. Then for about a week, I suffered from terrible pains in bones - hip arthrosis - my whole spine from bottom to top was hurting very badly. At that time my psyche was oscillating between heavenly joy and sad death. Occasional mild vertigo.

I have to note something here:

Since I moved to my apartment more than 20 years ago, I quickly noticed that whenever I returned there after 2 or more hours of absence, I had a feeling like someone drained all of my body energy. Back then I was a woman full of energy, but this everyday experience made me think… unfortunately, I didn’t know what to do about it. All of my efforts came in vain. I never quite reconciled with that.

Then one time I walked through my apartment with two metal rods in my hands and both of them fluctuated in every room. I hardly found a place where they didn’t move, even in the backyard. I was helpless back then.

Then about 10 years ago my health issues regarding bones got worse. Tennis elbow, shoulder joint and finally even hips. Attacks I hadn’t known before, were coming more frequently. There wasn’t a day without pain and muscle weakness. I stopped going to a doctor, because they were just prescribing pain killers and I am the absolute enemy of chemistry. And that probably saved my life.

The last 6-7 years I was basically stumbling through life. More frequently I didn’t feel like doing anything (I was losing energy), nothing made me joyous anymore, it wasn’t me anymore. I felt like a complete stranger. Me, that woman who was full of energy, loving life, who despite quite enough difficult health issues was still looking at the bright side of everything. My own diagnosis was depression. But I didn’t want to accept that either. I can just say that I felt like being controlled by someone else.

Right now I have had my “Somi” for some time and I must say that my old energy is coming back. I feel like doing something again, life is giving me joy again and sometimes I even would like to (without obvious reasons) hug the whole world. And that is after ONLY 3 weeks. I cannot imagine what I will look like after 3 or more months (I hope I will be my old self again). I have to admit I wasn’t inclined to this device very much and I didn’t have such expectations, and I was considering a lot whether to buy it or not, because its price isn’t the lowest. All of these worries are gone now. I am glad I made this decision.

I can repeat that again… thank you, thank you, thank you. Thank you to everyone who helped developing this device. A new life starts for me.

With the most grateful and warm greetings.