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Life Changing Technology -- PURE MAGIC

The Best way to describe this magnificent radiant orb is that it carries the highest frequency of the Forest blended with an Ocean within it.

The healing powers I receive in nature seem to be captured within the Medic Amber Somavedic. I have been sensitive to phones, computers and wifi for years & have only in recent years been exposed to products that counterbalance the harmful effects of the technological world we are immersed in. I have tried Everything & This is the one product that allows me to use my phone and computer without feeling nausea, dizziness and anxiety. We take it in the car with us and to other people's homes because that is where I've noticed my sensitivities start to heighten when the Somavedic is not near me. I used to not be able to ride in partner's brand new car without turning off the screens and bluetooth, but with the Somavedic I can now enjoy long road trips again in a new vehicle.

Overall, I wish for All Beings to experience the powerful physical, mental, emotional and spiritual alignment that comes from being surrounded by the warm, nurturing essence that the Somavedic radiates.

My gratitude for this product is unparalleled to any other EMF mitigation product on the market. I have many crystals in our home, eat organic, drink LIVE spring water, submerge myself in nature often---and all of these things could not have such heightened results for me without the amplification & activation of the Somavedic working its magic.

Bree Vilaubi